IATA 经营人锂电池风险防范指引( Lithium Battery Risk Mitigation Guidance for Operators)
国际航空运输协会( IATA,以下简称"国际航协")在2014年底出版了《经营人锂电池风险防范指引》(第一版),这一指引材料为航空公司提供了与锂电池航空运输及安全操作相关的重要信息。
"国际航协"的安全与运行副总裁凯文·希亚特( Kevin Hiatt)称,"在设计、测试、制造、包装都符合全球安全标准的情况下,锂电池是可以安全运输的。由行业领先的潜在危险品处理团队参与制定的《经营人锂电池风险防范指引》为经营人提供了宝贵的参考资料。" 凯文·希亚特表示,"无论是客运航空还是货运航空,经营人都可以依照本指引,随着需要指引还会进行更新和补充。"
《经营人锂电池风险防范指引》( Lithium Battery Risk Mitigation Guidance for Operators)主要内容包括:
Chapter 1: Risk Assessment
Operators have an obligation to apply the principles of risk management to all activities where there is a perceived risk.This chapter looks at how this can be done in the context of lithium batteries.
Chapter 2: Outreach and Awareness
Passengers and those involved in the shipment and transport of lithium batteries must be made aware of the restrictions that apply,but this can be very difficult to achieve.This chapter looks at what initiatives to consider to raise awareness of the subject.
Chapter 3: Cargo Acceptance and Handling
In addition to the actions mandated by the international transport requirements of ICAO and IATA,operators may wish to consider additional measures that can contribute to mitigating the risk represented by the carriage of lithium batteries.
Chapter 4: Passenger/Crew Baggage
With the heavy reliance on lithium batteries around the world,passengers will inevitably carry them in their checked and carry-on baggage,and on their person.This chapter looks at which lithium batteries are permitted and where they must be carried.
Chapter 5: Training and Procedures
This chapter focuses on training for cabin and flight crew,and reflects the material contained in the ICAO Emergency Response Guidance for Aircraft Incidents Involving Dangerous Goods (known as the ‘red book').
Chapter 6: Future Developments
Recent cargo fires on freighter aircraft have highlighted the vulnerability of the main deck cargo compartment to fires.As a result,there are a number of new technologies being pursued in the industry to address this area of vulnerability.


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